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About Us

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Supporting the well-being of military families serving at 8 Wing/CFB Trenton.

By military families, we include all military, regular force or reservist, and their parents and close relatives. In all our work, we comply with the Privacy Code of the Director of Military Family Services (DMFS). All our services are confidential.

Our History
Our History

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) recognized the many challenges facing families every day as a result of the military lifestyle and also recognized the important role played by families in maintaining troop morale. Consequently, the Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) was established in 1991 to help the Canadian Military achieve operational readiness by enhancing quality of life and enriching the military experience for families. To accomplish this, we provide specialized programs and services that promote health, education and social well-being.

Our Mission

Connecting and empowering our military community.

Our Vision

Where our military community feels welcome and supported.

Our Values

INNOVATION: We encourage curiosity and discovery of creative solutions.

TRUST: We create a safe space filled with kindness and compassion — where dignity and respect are extended to all.

COURAGE: We embrace difficult challenges others may fear.

INCLUSION: We build meaningful connection and seek integration for everyone in our military community.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We will be accountable to our funders, Wing leadership, donors, sponsors, and employees to fulfill our commitments in a legal, ethical, prudent manner.

  • Support and sustain a strong Board of Directors representing the military community
  • Establish mechanisms to hear the military community voice
  • Be a strong steward of the trust placed in us by our community, our funders and our donors


Our Strategic Priorities


We will strive to connect our internal and external communities providing all with an understanding of who we are and what we do.

  • We will ensure that the military community build strong sustainable communication tools which military and
    veteran families can rely on for information
  • Establish and maintain partner relationships for sustainable provision of information
  • Strengthen external relationships to build awareness of the unique aspects of the military lifestyle
  •  Strive to inform 100% of the military community of our mandate, services and resources


We will assure the military community has improved access to the resources they need.

  • Commit to providing the military community access to the services and supports they need to remain strong and resilient
  • Leverage current and emerging technologies to expand access to services for military and veteran families in our community
  • Partner and advocate on behalf of the military community to remove barriers to services


We will build a sense of belonging, nurture networks and meaningful connections within the military and civilian community.

  • Generate opportunities to build community connections
  • Ensure a strong, vibrant volunteer program engages military community members and enables meaningful connections
  • Create bridges for the military and veteran families to connect with the communities in which they live
  • Build strong relationships to local resources supporting military and veteran families to enhance a sense of belonging, trust and understanding

Annual Report

Each year, we publish an Annual Report highlighting the funding and donations the Trenton Military Family Resource Centre receives. The report is a tool to report back to our donors and the community at large about our fundraising activities and expenses.  Additionally, it informs our stakeholders about our activities throughout the year and the showcases our successes.

We’re Here to Help

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The Trenton MFRC is a registered charity that relies on community support to promote and facilitate programming and services to enrich, strengthen and enhance the quality of life for our military families.